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We Are Arabellaa

We Are Arabellaa

What does Arabellaa stand for?

Arabellaa is a brand build for any girl who loves fashion. She is fun, young at heart, modern, eccentric, she is everything she wants to be. As we say #SheIsArabellaa

About Arabellaa

Arabellaa was established in the year 2015 by a young 22 year old wanting to create a brand for girls like her. The brand stands for women who love testing trends but remain true to their personal aesthetic. Arabellaa embodies a hint of chic and sexy no matter what.

About the founder

Founded by fashion and luxury content creator, Juhi Godambe in 2015. Juhi’s roots remained strong in fashion at a very early stage in her life. With parents that worked in fashion as hair and makeup artist she was never a stranger to runways and creative work environments.

Professionally Juhi started her career at 19 as a fashion stylist followed a degree in buying and merchandising in fashion from London School Of Trends to make her knowledge in the business of fashion stronger. Soon after she returned to Mumbai, Arabellaa was born. Born out of numerous ideas and finally with the launch of it’s first store at Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai.